Pippa’s feature length comedy ‘Up Yours, Bridget Jones’ is in the final of the We Screenplay Diverse Voices contest, as is her half hour animation, very loosely based on a short story by Oscar Wilde, ‘The Remarkable Rocket’.
Watch this space.

29th May, 2017

“Up Yours”has also placed in the semis and quarterfinals of high end contests The Page International, The Tracking Board & Screencraft in the last few months and is in several  others now – just in case anyone reading this actually knows Renee Zellweger personally and would like to pop over with her at some point?  We’ve heard she is an utter angel and has a genuinely wicked sense of humour but… if you could just give us  a bit of notice so we can take this poster down because you can never be too sure, can you, when you’ve made someone look like Hitler?

But we’d absolutely LOVE to have a cuppa with Renee and Bridget’s creator, the fabulous Helen Fielding. Tell them just how much we’d love them to be involved in ‘Up Yours’. ‘Up Theirs.’ So to speak.  If it’s only to confirm they won’t sue.
Renee does in fact appear in the story, as herself, but Pippa thinks she’d be the best director EVER for the film and it would be uber #meta if Renee was to  direct a film that refernces HER and three films she’s so known & adored for.  And apparently Renee does have aspirations to direct.
Of course, Pippa’s Blog – #Brit In LA – is really the ‘nove-blog’ version of  #Up Yours the script. That’s a little phrase I coined, like, novel and, like, blog – together, yeah?
And I think Pippa’s hoping the multi-media posting of ” Up Yours” might find its way to Renee or Helen, although so far she’s been really very rude about Renee in the Blog.. But, no, she’ll understand, won’t she, artistic license and all that?

And the thing is, Pippa says the story is really hardly autobiographical at all, and not a soul’s read it yet anyway, going from the google analytics I had a quick decko at last night.
But what do I know?  I just get reduced rent for putting her ‘news’ on here, haven’t a clue what I’m talking about. I’ve only been here a few months and it’s a bit of a shock after Alaska.
I’m really just her new house mate, ever since her hubby’s been…. Well, I really must be signing off, gosh look at the time. Must be getting on with… the day.
But I do hope SOMEONE’S reading her Blog thing.
If YOU are – would you pop a little comment or ask a question in the box at the bottom of her post, so we know? It’d make her day, I think.
I know it’d bloody make mine.