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DIY Films Creating Female Fuelled Comedy and Drama


6’teaser and proof of concept for a dark TV comedy


Final shortlist BBC writersroom & Sister Films/Olivia Colman’s Screenshot writer-performer contest; longlist for The Vaults Five.

Live!Sex!Girls!  The Sketch Show

Almost all-female sketch comedy with a twist of Brit.

“fast funny and filthy”… some prude reporter from FEST
“satirical, surreal, sexy and sometimes simply silly” LA Review; “Gale Force should be on TV now!”  
LSG performed at 2 LA Comedy Festivals and then became a web series picked up by 3 indie channels & was nominated for the ITV Fest Award  for Best Comedy.

Brit In LA

Award winning screenplay UP YOURS, BRIDGET JONES is now an audio book podcast. Listen to chapter one below…



90′  low budget, college set ensemble mystery thriller set in one location. Skins meets 13 Reasons Why

Full script available. Pro coverage. Looking to attach key cast & executive producers. Some cast with social media/ influencer profiles already attached.
50% funding in place.
Seeking up and coming music artists – a rapper; DJ; musicians and new bands whose management/labels can see the advantages of getting tracks exposed before/alongside release.
Seeking sports branding & sponsors, as well as partners from young people’s mental health/college trauma counselling sectors.

Room mates ‘FINGERS’ (the virgin), ‘G'(drop dead gorgeous AND a physics genius), ‘CYLOPS’ (weird and OCD but they’re used to him) and ‘GREEK’ (the Greek Freak experimenting with her sexual orientation) are having a party in their crumbling shared student house.
By 3am someone is dead. But who is it and how did it happen?

Told in fractured timelines, Death At A Party is a mystery thriller that will keep its audience guessing until the very end.


90′ low-mid budget comedy feature or TV movie. In A World meets Bridesmaids via Trainwreck

**SEMI FINALIST and still in competition for the 2017 DIVERSE VOICES/WE screenplay competition.
*Quarter finalist in 2016 The Page Intl script contest.
*Semi finalist 2016 Screencraft competition.
*Semi-finalist FINISH LINE comp. Full script. Pro coverage.
Looking to attach director and US co-producer – and Renee Zellweger, of course; key cast and finance. 50% funded. Projected shoot late 2017/18

A Brit wanting to make her mark in LA before she is finally all 4 Fs – fat, failed, forty and fucked- is forced to confront a wicked booze habit, an obsessive blaming of Reneee Zellweger for everything wrong in life and the reappearance of her dead dad.

Up Yours is a comedy that comments on the so-called Brit/Yank ‘special relationship’ and whilst its backdrop is Hollywood and the ‘business we call show’, at its heart is an unusual, offbeat father-daughter redemption story, laced with liquor & magic realism.


90′ low budget multi-stranded, multi-cultural, ensemble drama.
Crash’ for the 9/11 generation.

Full script. Pro coverage. Some key cast and HOD’s in place.  50% funded.

Looking to attach director, one co-producer attached, some key cast and 50% funded – currently funding via the UK SEIS tax break scheme for investors’ and attaching further talent.
Projected shoot: 2017.

Ten diverse lives collide on the day the UK’s home-grown suicide bombers decimated the capital’s transport system, took London lives but would not break its spirit – July 7th, 2005.
Everyone has a story.

Causing unexpected explosions in peoples’ lives in a far reaching ripple effect, 7/7 ultimately affected us all. Not only are these characters shocked to find they did not know ‘the enemy within’, many discover they don’t know those closest to them or, sometimes, even themselves.

London 7/7


30′ animation loosely based on the short story by Oscar Wilde (all rights in public domain.)
Oscar Wilde meets Toy Story with fireworks.

**SEMI-FINALIST and still in contest – Diverse Voices /We Screenplay competition 2017
Full script and pro coverage.
Looking for animator/ co-director.

An arrogant firework learns the hard way he is not as remarkable as his wrapper suggests.


A short film and 3 x 4′ webisodes, female led, dark comedy
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest meets Getting On/Always Sunny

Lucy, who bounces around the spectrum of mental health from fairly functioning primary school teacher to full-on-hospitalized psychotic besieged by things that exist only in her head – wants to be ‘normal’.

Pre Production. Shooting July 2017.
Director/Producer: Pippa Hinchley/Lucinda Bruce. Seeking sponsors and mental health advocacy partners.

DEATH and TAXIS –  or  – DEATH – A Love Story
Female led supernatural comedy web series
“Marion and Jeff” – if they came from Hades.

Producer/director Pippa Hinchley and Lucinda Bruce.
Seeking co-producer/key crew, gruesome sponsors or a very brave funeral chain.

CHARON, or SHARON as she prefers now, has had it rough since her ferry business across the River Styx went bust followed by a split with very, very, very, VERY, long-time lover, GRIM (Reaper). But now she’s ready to use the very social media she once scorned him for using, in an attempt to win back the dead man of her dreams.

Watch Sharon ‘taster’

SECRET B&B PROJECT – this is so high concept that the title literally gives it all away, let alone a logline.
A wicked comedy horror, this multiplatform digital series has huge interactive possibilities and a gobsmackingly, genuinely, global potential.
The Twilight Zone meets Guest House Paradiso

A 5′ pilot has been produced as well as teasers, a full pitch pack w/series arcs and bible is available.
Looking for co-producer, platform partners, sponsors, branding.

15′ – 30′ comedy TV/digital.
It’s Always Sunny / Phoenix Nights meets The Muppet Show.

Sample scenes & produced sample sketches available.
Looking for co-producer, sposorship, branding and guest acts with followers.

One sheet

If you are interested in more information on any of these projects, seeing the coverage or would like to request scripts please contact us.