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Award winning screenplay UP YOURS, BRIDGET JONES is now an audio book podcast. Listen to chapter one below…

KILLING CHRISTMAS (2019) 12′ dramedy  


WINNER Best Performances, WILDSound Film Festival, Canada

WINNER Best International Short, UK Tweetfest

WINNER Best Holiday Short, LSIFF
12 nominations, 16 Official Selections

BREAKING OUT (12′) intense psychodrama


Official Selection Cannes Critics’ Week & 20+International Film Festivals;

WINNER Best European Short, Angers

Live!Sex!Girls! the web series/channel has 25+ filmed sketches & live clips from the LA Comedy Festival (excuse crappy static camera – not filmed by us)

Visit Live!Sex!Girls! channel

THE OTHER SIDE  -  Selected and produced by the rutger Hauer Film Factory

OUTBREAK (trailer of short)

STRANGE NEW WORLD (trailer of short) (now a feature script London 7/7)

DEATH BY MISADVENTURE (trailer of short)

THE OTHER SIDE (6′) supernatural chiller


This script was selected and the film made by the Rutger Hauer Film Factory, premiering at the Rotterdam Festival in 2008